By Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Helene Kvale

Set designer: Katherine Paik

Lighting designer: Danielle Verkennes

Sound designer: Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

Photo: Gerry GoodsteinJasmine Jones

Connecticut Repertory Theatre, CT

In “Eurydice”, a fresh look at one of the greatest love stories of all time, playwright Sarah Ruhl re-imagines the classic myth of Orpheus through the eyes of its heroine.

Soon after their wedding, Eurydice tragically dies, and Orpheus, devastated, goes to the Underworld to bring her back to life.

My costume design concept establishes a distinction between the two worlds - The Land of the Living and The Underworld. Additionally, it shows a progression in the couple’s relationship. I placed the two worlds in two different decades – the 1950s and 1930/40s. The Land of the Living has an optimistic 1950 s’ post-war aptitude that is experienced through the cuts of the costumes and their pastel palette. It aims to describe young couples’ romantic relationship that has all the prerequisites to have a ‘happy ending’. The Underworld has an eerie edginess with bold contrasts in color: red against pale blue – it represents the clash of female and male energy; black and red opposed to white – darkness, and passion against purity and innocence.

The production team creates an environment that is perfect for the piece and is an important part to the experience.

Costume Designer, Jelena Antanasijevic, brings color and excitement to the play with a range of textures and styles that are drawn from several epochs and places, but blend together to create an integrated whole.
— Chibeau E, EURYDICE RHUL's.
Elizabeth Jensen smiles serenely as Eurydice, Zack Dictakis creates an Orpheus that is both self-sacrificing and self-centered, Kent Coleman maintains a leisurely, mature Father, and Coleman Churchill looks white and wan as Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld. (Churchill looks like he could be auditioning for the band My Chemical Romance circa 2002). The chorus of Stones — who “live with the dead people in the land of the dead” — are Vivienne James, Kristen Wolfe and Jennifer Sapozhnikov, all lively and dressed in white girly dresses.
— Arnott C. CT Rep Presents A Fresh, Youthful 'Eurydice'.