By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Directed by Ana Radivojevic Zdravkovic

Set Designer: Ilija Visnjic

Opera House and Theatre Madlenianum, Serbia

The Magic Flute is a fantastic fairy-tale opera. It is an allegory of the quest for wisdom and enlightenment that symbolizes conflict between the two worlds - the world of darkness represented by the evil Queen of the Night, and the world of light and justice led by mighty king Sarastro. This production primarily focuses on the younger audience.

My concept reinforces the idea of two clashing worlds. That distinction additionally appears between different classes - young prince Tamino with a princess Pamina and the common people - a bird-catcher Papageno with a cheerful, simple girl Papagena. These two groups differ in palette and patterns. Sarastro’s world is bathed in yellows, greens and reds while the world of darkness persists in blues, grays and blacks.