By William Shakespeare

Directed by Robert Davis

Choreographer: Annmarie Davis

Set Designer: Kevin Nelson

Lighting Designer: Theresa Kelly

Sound Designer: Andrew Garvis

Photos by Michael and Suz Karchmer

Monomoy Theatre, MA

The Tempest is ‘Shakespeare’s comedy about a major act of betrayal, ill-treatment, the development of magic arts and a plot of revenge.
— Royal Shakespeare Company

The world of The Tempest is set on a magical island. My main design concept is based on each character’s connection to the island. The group that’s connected to the island the least are the royal oppressors, survivors from the shipwreck dressed in Renaissance fashion with black and gold heavy fabrics such as velvet, brocade and wool.
The characters that are connected to the island the most are Prospero and Caliban - dressed in earthy brown, ivory and ochre with garments that feel organic and not specific to any period.
The spirits inhabit the air. They are in pastel blue, lavender and white. They wear the lightest fabrics that support the idea of not being tied to the earth.

Physically, this show is just beautiful.

Costume designer Jelena Antanasijevic made elaborate, creative clothes for a large cast that includes every kind of character from a monster to a maiden to a magician. It must have taken an unimaginable number of hours to dress this show.

Dressed in a magnificent robe, Cornwell does a star turn as he presents a character who faces anger and vengeance as well as great love – and who grows morally as a result.
— Chahey E. Chatham’s Monomoy Theatre offers monsters, maidens and magicians in Shakespeare classic.
Convincingly costumed as a hairy, taloned beast, Bozich brings her monster to life with growls, ticks, yips and a lot of physicality that is pure entertainment.

Regardless of who is onstage, the costumes by designer Jelena Antanasijevic are excellent. Her choices highlight the demeanor and social station of each character beautifully, from airy wood sprites to scary goblins dressed as dogs. Each is beautifully adorned and coordinated with the effective stage set.
— Goheen S. Wood sprite highlight of Monomoy’s ‘Tempest’.
... the costumes are lovely, especially the aqua gauze worn by Ariel, the great cape of Prospero’s, and the imaginative coverings of the sprites.
— Roscoe L. 'The Tempest' Spellbinds At Monomoy Theatre.